Order Envy – Double Stacked Tacos (Commercial) | Taco Bell

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Yes, that IS Alison in the new Taco Bell commercial. Get yo’ Tex-Mex on and see it here if you haven’t!

Taco Bell’s New Double Stacked Tacos. The only cure for Order Envy. SUBSCRIBE to Taco Bell.

Half Hour Happy Hour – Blimp Delivery

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This week, that Half Hour team talk semantics, Amazon airships and Alison’s heritage.

Listen here.

Alison on The Drop-In with Will Malnati

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Because who wouldn’t want to listen to two friends get drunk and make prank calls, as you do?

Download the ep (Season 2, E7) from iTunes here.

Alison on Kevin & Bean Podcast

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You can download the episode here.

Unlocked: Alison Haislip Teaser

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Join Alison Haislip as she explores Nintendo, EA – Electronic Arts, and speaks with industry icons Tony Hawk, Shigeru Miyamoto, Reggie Fils-Aimé and many more. Full series available 12/15/16, preorder here!

Half Hour Happy Hour – 2017 Bitches

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It’s the the new year!  Time for the team to check in on what’s to come and say “Goodbye 2016… you were kind of a Dick”

Listen here.

Half Hour Happy Hour – The 12 Days of Drunksmas!

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Follow this post for all twelve days of Drunksmas 2016!

Dec 19: Today is the FIRST DAY OF DRUNKSMAS! The Happy Hour team are joined by Brea Grant to kick off the craziness. Listen here.

Dec 20: On this, the second day of Drunksmas, Alison, Alex and Tom are joined by the only alumni from Drunksmas 2015, Michele Morrow. Listen here.

Dec 21: Day 3 of Drunksmas is all about the shakes!  The crew is joined by the lovely and talented Krysta Rodriguez. Listen here.

Dec 22: On the fourth day of Drunksmas the HHHH peeps are joined by friend of the show Stephen Scaia to class up the joint. Listen here.

Dec 23: Day 5, it’s getting nuts but let’s talk Cons! It’s EP of Con Man PJ Haarsma. Listen here.

Dec 24: Time to get a little nostalgic with Alex’s TRS co-host and 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg. Listen here.

Dec 25: Drunksmas is getting real people… day 7 and it’s all about a “Fist Fight” with director Richie Keen. Listen here.

Dec 26: On the 8th day there was an Aussie… Maude Garrett stops by to tell us what’s really going on with those deadly dick seeking spiders. Listen here.

Dec 27: By day 9 there was drunk Alison showing up in full force to chat with her friend Chris Paul. Listen here.

Dec 28: Are we all in Bizarro world? We get to ask Bizarro Superman writer Heath Corson. Listen here.

Dec 29: Nothing like a little homemade eggnog to get the blood flowing. Speaking of blood, horror icon Ted Raimi stops by for some holiday cheer. Listen here.

Dec 30: They finally made it through to the 12th day of Drunksmas. Alison losing it on the floor while Tom and Alex talk New Year’s resolutions. Listen here.

Alison on NCIS:LA

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Tune in at 8PM to see if Alison lives or not!

Info For 2nd-Annual Drunksmas

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Hey Half Hour Happy Hour fans! Thank you all for being super popular at dedication to our podcast. Here’s how you can be a part of Drunksmas!

ON DECEMBER 16th, you can send food and other goodies to:

Paul Kampf Studios

7361 Melrose Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90046

NOTE FOR DELIVERY SERVICES: enter thru door at street-level, then go upstairs and bring it to the second door on the right. Someone will be there to receive the delivery and bring it to our recording studio.

Between the hours of 9am and 6pm PST ONLY!

Make sure the delivery includes your name so we can thank you on the show! We only survive this day because of you guys. You rock.

We do gun,
Alison, Alex, & Super Volcano