Half Hour Happy Hour – Vaginal Potpourri

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This week Alison, Alex and Tom talk about herbal vaginal detox balls, yes that’s a thing. And the return of doctor full body transplant! Plus Alison witnesses a car accident. #PowerPonyTail

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Cas Anvar, Alison Haislip & Jenna Busch on Comikaze All Year Long!

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Half Hour Happy Hour – Park Yourself Bitch

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This week Alison, Alex and Tom talk self parking cars, the worlds first bionic penis and the baffling fact that Microsoft has it’s own digital watch… and has for a while!
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Half Hour Happy Hour – Alex vs. Movie Screeners

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This week Alex and Alison with Tom in tow dig into sex… with stories about a new male contraceptive nut switch and some good ol’ VR porn! Also Alex goes a little to in-depth with his fight with a movie screener.
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Half Hour Happy Hour – Awkward Holiday Car Rides by Alison

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The team is back for their first sit down in 2016! Champagne was had, stories were told and the garage was freezing. Alison, Alex and Tom deliver a classic episode to start off the year.

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All the Drunkmas Podcasts

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You can listen to all the Dunkmas Half Hour Happy Hour Podcasts here

Or each day listed below.

Drunkmas Day 1
The 12 Days of Drunksmas begin today with Alison, Alex and Tom celebrating Drunksmas Day 1!

Drunkmas Day 2
Drunksmas Day 2 starts the constant flow of special guests, kicking off with the amazing Michele Morrow!

Drunkmas Day 3
It’s Drunksmas Day 3 and it’s only getting crazier this time thanks to the man the myth the legend Mr. Kevin Pereira.

Drunkmas Day 4
Drunksmas Day 4 is going ape… with Terry Matalas the creator/showrunner of the hit Syfy original series 12 Monkeys and his Deacon actor Todd Stashwick.

Drunkmas Day 5
It’s Christmas day and Drunksmas Day 5, who better to stop by than the “shows friend” Jerry Trainor… there’s love in the air.

Drunkmas Day 6
Drunksmas Day 6 and it’s in full effect, actor Joel Johnstone sits in for a bit too much merriment.

Drunkmas Day 7
It’s time to class up the joint for Drunksmas Day 7 with the always amazing Clare Grant!

Drunkmas Day 8
The holiday drinking continues with Drunksmas Day 8 with the angelic star of Life in Pieces Angelique Cabral.

Drunkmas Day 9
The gang is coming around the bend with Drunksmas Day 9 and the host of Dating Naked Amy Paffrath.

Drunkmas Day 10
Drunksmas Day 10 gets a little eat people-y with Christian Kane!

Drunkmas Day 11
As Drunksmas Day 11 arrives and the teams is very “spirited?” what better time to fix all their science errors with Nerdist science editor Kyle Hill!

Drunkmas Day 12
It’s the final day of Drunksmas, day 12.  Alison, Alex and Tom look back on their favorite moments, well mostly Alex and Tom because Alison is feeling the holiday!  Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Half Hour Happy Hour with Alison and Alex – Anal Computing?

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This week Alison and Alex check in on the quantum computer, talk about Russian scientists and Google Fiber in LA!
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Drunksmas Info!

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Hello Half Hour Happy Hour fans! Thank you all for your dedication to our funny little show. Here’s how you can be a part of Drunksmas!

ON DECEMBER 12th, please feel free to send us food (not just pizza and cupcakes!) to:

Paul Kampf Studios
7361 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

NOTE FOR DELIVERY SERVICES: enter thru door at street-level, then go upstairs and bring it to the first door on the right.
(Our “staff” will pick it up from there and get it to our recording room. And by “staff”, we mean friends who agreed to hang out and receive food for us. We love them.)

Between the hours of 11am and 8pm PST ONLY!

We will thank everyone who sends us something on the show so you know we got it. Again, we will only survive this day because of you guys. Can’t wait to make you all a part of the show!

Alison, Alex, & Super Volcano

Half Hour Happy Hour with Alison and Alex – Nerd Problems

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This week Alison and Alex talk about the “cruel” practice of playing Chipmunk music at homeless people, aging is now a disease and we “scientists” explain Quantum Computing.listen here

Half Hour Happy Hour with Alison and Alex – Sex Utopia

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This week Alison and Alex talk about a start up that aims to download your brain into a robot body so you can live forever! Also rocket talk featuring Jeff Bezos… he’s rocket goes up, and comes down. Plus why we don’t like waiting in lines, it’s not what you think.

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