Half Hour Happy Hour: Money Money Money

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In this episode the team talk automation in the fast food industry, what to do in traffic and the podcast is now officially powered by the SUN! Listen here.



Alison on Box Angeles

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On the one-hundred and eighty-sixth Box Angeles, host Alison Haislip (Attack of the Show!, Battlebots) stops by Studio 309. She discusses performing music as a child, attending Boston College, tripping into hosting, and more!

Listen here.

Half Hour Happy Hour: Bananapocalypse

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This week the gang talks about the heat… refeshing… and an impending Bananapocalypse. Listen here.


Half Hour Happy Hour: Summer Is Here, Bitches!

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This week the heat finally hit the garage… it’s hot as HELL! Listen here.


Alison on Dragons And Stuff!

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Alison’s on Dragons And Stuff TONIGHT at 6PM Pacific, playing the Pathfinder RPG! Don’t miss it!

Update: If you missed it, here’s the archive. Part 1 / Part 2

Alison and Alex Get Their Game On!

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Watch the livestream here, going on now!

Even More “Making Call of Duty WWII”!

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Want #CODWWII Multiplayer intel? Tune in to our E3 “Making Call of Duty” livestream at 10:30AM PT on Tuesday 6/13 for the scoop on MP, including War Mode, Divisions, gameplay, and Sledgehammer Games answering your MP questions LIVE.

Watch the stream/archive here.

Half Hour Happy Hour: Miss $40,000

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This week the team talks spider attacks, car hacks and #FuckCancer. Listen here.