Half Hour Happy Hour – Elon Make It Better

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On this episode the gang talk NYCC, Elon and island help as well as spider stories from the fans. Listen here.

Half Hour Happy Hour – Snopes Everything

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This week the team learns it’s easier to just Snopes everything!  They talk ticks, fishing and Gigabit Fiber! Listen here.

Pay no attention to the typo. *Jedi hand wave*

REPS: Episode 1

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In the PREMIERE episode of REPS — Writer/Actor Evan Dollard’s sketch comedy web series — Alison Haislip is a fast-talking manager to up-and-coming actor, Clay, who recently booked the lead role in CW’s new superhero show “Booster Gold”. She meets with a personal trainer, Tony, the give him the lowdown on what to expect from her client…

Featuring Alison Haislip and Eltony Williams.

Half Hour Happy Hour – Sex Support

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This week the team talks Snoops dicks, Alex’s upgrade and smooth moves on the tech front. Listen here.

Half Hour Happy Hour – Impending Tomsplosion

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This week the team try to keep the Supervolcano at bay, also talking Irma and Tesla and of course a quick spider story. Listen here.

Alison on SpellSlingers (TBD)!

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So.Much.Excite. Tune into SpellSlingers on TBD at 5:30pm/4:30c & see what has Alison muppet-flailing!

Half Hour Happy Hour – Of Course… Apple

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This week the Happy Hour team talks the Apple keynote and taking time off of booze, who will win the month? Listen here.

Half Hour Happy Hour – Scarf Face

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Time for the team to talk Australian spiders, this time animated as well as the super rich doing what they would is a movie. Listen here.

ConMan is HERE!!!

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Don’t miss the TV premiere of CON MAN this Saturday on ! Both seasons will air & I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Find it here, and enjoy!