Half Hour Happy Hour: Super Volcano LIVES!

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In this special SDCC 2017 episode the gang sits down at Stone Brewery and chat with The Walking Dead‘s Ross Marquand in front of a live audience of Happy Hour fans! Listen here.


Half Hour Happy Hour SDCC 2017 Schedule

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SDCC17 Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the HHHH crew during San Diego Comic Con 2017! Come shoot the shit with us!

Half Hour Happy Hour: Praying Mantis Dicks

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This week it’s all prep for SDCC!  Find out where to see all your HHHH content!  Also, turns out Praying Mantis’ are DICKS. Listen here.

ScreenJunkies: Beauty and the Beast Roast

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The Josh Macuga Show: Alison Haislip – I Like Intense Eyes

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Alison Haislip, one of the funniest and most honest ladies to ever wear the same type of hat on The Josh Macuga Show is back! (hehe) She returns after a long time away from the show to break down men’s eyes, her most embarrassing moment in life and of course NOT tell us her AOL screen name… SQUIRREL! Thanks for watching!

Half Hour Happy Hour: Whose Garage

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This week the team talk ComicCon plans, the end of French gas and TIMTAMS! Listen here.

Half Hour Happy Hour: Money Money Money

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In this episode the team talk automation in the fast food industry, what to do in traffic and the podcast is now officially powered by the SUN! Listen here.



Alison on Box Angeles

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On the one-hundred and eighty-sixth Box Angeles, host Alison Haislip (Attack of the Show!, Battlebots) stops by Studio 309. She discusses performing music as a child, attending Boston College, tripping into hosting, and more!

Listen here.