Half Hour Happy Hour – The 12 Days of Drunksmas!

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Follow this post for all twelve days of Drunksmas 2016!

Dec 19: Today is the FIRST DAY OF DRUNKSMAS! The Happy Hour team are joined by Brea Grant to kick off the craziness. Listen here.

Dec 20: On this, the second day of Drunksmas, Alison, Alex and Tom are joined by the only alumni from Drunksmas 2015, Michele Morrow. Listen here.

Dec 21: Day 3 of Drunksmas is all about the shakes!  The crew is joined by the lovely and talented Krysta Rodriguez. Listen here.

Dec 22: On the fourth day of Drunksmas the HHHH peeps are joined by friend of the show Stephen Scaia to class up the joint. Listen here.

Dec 23: Day 5, it’s getting nuts but let’s talk Cons! It’s EP of Con Man PJ Haarsma. Listen here.

Dec 24: Time to get a little nostalgic with Alex’s TRS co-host and 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg. Listen here.

Dec 25: Drunksmas is getting real people… day 7 and it’s all about a “Fist Fight” with director Richie Keen. Listen here.

Dec 26: On the 8th day there was an Aussie… Maude Garrett stops by to tell us what’s really going on with those deadly dick seeking spiders. Listen here.

Dec 27: By day 9 there was drunk Alison showing up in full force to chat with her friend Chris Paul. Listen here.

Dec 28: Are we all in Bizarro world? We get to ask Bizarro Superman writer Heath Corson. Listen here.

Dec 29: Nothing like a little homemade eggnog to get the blood flowing. Speaking of blood, horror icon Ted Raimi stops by for some holiday cheer. Listen here.

Dec 30: They finally made it through to the 12th day of Drunksmas. Alison losing it on the floor while Tom and Alex talk New Year’s resolutions. Listen here.