Posted on 10.16.2017


On this episode the gang talk NYCC, Elon and island help as well as spider stories from the fans. Listen here.

Posted on 10.09.2017


This week the team learns it’s easier to just Snopes everything!  They talk ticks, fishing and Gigabit Fiber! Listen here.

Pay no attention to the typo. *Jedi hand wave*

Posted on 10.05.2017

In the PREMIERE episode of REPS — Writer/Actor Evan Dollard’s sketch comedy web series — Alison Haislip is a fast-talking manager to up-and-coming actor, Clay, who recently booked the lead role in CW’s new superhero show “Booster Gold”. She meets with a personal trainer, Tony, the give him the lowdown on what to expect from her client…

Featuring Alison Haislip and Eltony Williams.

Posted on 10.02.2017


This week the team talks Snoops dicks, Alex’s upgrade and smooth moves on the tech front. Listen here.

Posted on 09.25.2017


This week the team try to keep the Supervolcano at bay, also talking Irma and Tesla and of course a quick spider story. Listen here.

Posted on 09.18.2017


So.Much.Excite. Tune into SpellSlingers on TBD at 5:30pm/4:30c & see what has Alison muppet-flailing!