Posted on 03.26.2018


This week Alison goes full Sassy Cat as we talk about Meltdown Comics closing, Bob Uecker getting bit and cars driving issues. Listen here.


Posted on 03.19.2018


This week the team talks multiverse probes, life and everything in between! Listen here.

Posted on 03.12.2018


This week the team talk spooky Alexa, getting service on the moon and we all am SURVIVED! Listen here.

Posted on 03.05.2018


This week Alison gives everyone a glimpse into Thistle while the team talks about movies and a man from the future! Listen here.

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Posted on 02.26.2018


This week the Half Hour crew gets into the giving spirit, especially Alison, also they talk about Wakanda! Listen here.

Posted on 02.19.2018


This week the team talks Apples new glass HQ, Black Panther and much much more! Listen here.