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Author Topic: Alison - Forum Rules  (Read 6993 times)
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Brian Dobbs
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« on: September 09, 2008, 12:43:54 AM »

These rules were just put into effect tonight.  They are being posted for those members who did not see them upon registration.  This thread is locked and will be remain here temporarily.

If you notice something which violates these rules, please send an email to the forum administrator.

Thank you.

1. No advertising or spam.

2. No porn, no links to sites containing porn or porn links and no references to porn sites. This includes site names, broken URLS, and “hints” to the site names. This includes images used for personal avatars and signatures as well as images posted to the Forum that include website watermarks.

3. We do not tolerate asking for or posting links to pirated software, movies or music.

4. No abusive / personal attacks on other users.

5. No religious or political threads.

6. No racially offensive posts. No posts that are derogatory toward gender or sexual preference. No posts that use slang terms for any race, sexual preference, or religious backround. Includes signatures.

8. No flame wars or excessive "bullshit" posts. Excessive nonsense posts or posts that are determined to be off the topic of the thread will be deleted, and repeat offenses will get banned.

9. Profanity in the titles of your threads or usernames will not be tolerated.

10. Posts and threads with content that breaks the rules are subject to closing or deletion WITHOUT WARNING OR EXPLANATION.

11. Users who break the rules are subject to being banned either temporarily or permanently, at the discretion of the site administrators, WITHOUT WARNING OR EXPLANATION.

12. By posting on this site, you acknowledge that your IP address and other personal information that you registered with become public information, and may be used by the Administrators of the site for any legal situations that arise from your use of the site.

13. Most importantly, The Forum is for Alison Haislip FANS. Critiquing *is* allowed, BUT will be watched carefully by the moderators, in case the posts turn into insults.

14. User signatures will also comply with the following rules. Pictures are allowed in your user signature, but they should be no larger than 4 lines of text or an image no larger than 65 pixels in height. Images that could be deemed offensive or obscene are not allowed to be used in your personal avatar, or your signature.

16. Sanctioned Threads : These threads are created by the administration of the Forum when too many threads regarding a specific topic are created. When a thread is Sanctioned, all other threads on the topic that are currently active, as well as future ones that are opened, will be closed. Only the administration may "Sanction" a thread.

17. Users who are banned may not sign up for an alternative screenname as a workaround.

18. The administrators may change these rules to apply to the situation.
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