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Author Topic: Alison to host UNICEF Masquerade Ball @ Clifton's Republic in LA (10/25/18)  (Read 482 times)
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« on: September 07, 2018, 03:04:12 AM »

So Alison posted this earlier:

Quote from: alisonhaislip
SAVE THE DATE: Oct 25, 2018

Iím hosting the @unicefnextgen Masquerade Ball this year! Weíll be taking over LA + turning worlds upside down. Iíll be there. Youíll be there. Letís be real, itís about to get surreal. #UNICEFMasqLA

Get your tix:

For those that aren't familiar - the UNICEF Masquerade Ball is a yearly event/Halloween party, put together by UNICEF/UNICEF Next Generation to raise funds for a set cause/campaign currently being undertaken by the organization. While a similar UNICEF event has been going on in New York for some time, the Los Angeles event has been around since 2013, and this year marks the 6th Annual ball.

The organization describes itself as follows:

UNICEF Next Generation (NextGen) is a passionate group of young philanthropists, entrepreneurs and innovators in their 20s and 30s who commit their resources, networks, resolve and enthusiasm toward supporting UNICEFís lifesaving work. NextGen Members study issues that affect children around the world and choose UNICEF projects to support through education, advocacy, skill sharing/remote volunteering and fundraising. Through their philanthropy, members mobilize their networks and inspire the next generations to take action on behalf of the worldís most vulnerable children.

Alison has done charity work with UNICEF on several occasions, and she has attended at least three of the events, over the years, but this will be her first time hosting the event!

The venue itself is interesting - Clifton's Republic (also known as Clifton's Cafeteria or just Clifton's) is the oldest surviving cafeteria eatery in Los Angeles, as well as being the largest public cafeteria in the world. A combination of restaurant and bar, the interior has been described as being a mix of old school furniture, taxidermy, and even a museum of curiosities.

Clifton's Wiki Entry:
Clifton's Facebook Page:
Clifton's Yelp Page:

For those who will be in Los Angeles for the event and wish to attend, tickets may be obtained from here:

Be aware, while somewhat expensive - the money raised by the event will go to a good cause! And for those that do go, please be sure to swing by the forum and let us know how it went!

Updates will be posted as more information becomes available about the event! Grin

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