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Author Topic: Alison on the New Player Has Joined Podcast (08/07/18)  (Read 450 times)
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« on: August 08, 2018, 01:20:51 AM »

So Alison tweeted this out earlier today:

Quote from: alisonhaislip
I had an absurdly fun time talking #Portal with these 2 gents. We dive deep and get weird, so if you're a Aperture Science fan, I'd give this a listen.

Quote from: NewPlayerPod
New episode! This week we have the wonderful @alisonhaislip talking about her favorite game of all time: Portal! This game is fanstastic and so is Alison. Enjoy!

The Podcast describes itself as the exploration of "the video games people love and why they love them. Why do we imprint hard on certain games, and how do those games imprint on us? Keith and Jesse chat with celebrities, game developers, industry pros, and some folks you’d never guess are into video games."

In this episode:

Grab your weightedcompanion cube because it's time to have fun with physics. Keith and Jesse sit down with 'Attack Of The Show!' star Alison Haslip to talk about why Portal is both terrifying and funny. So enjoy the episode and also a series of possibly dangerous tests that may or may not result in your untimely insineration. And then there will be cake.

The episode runs a little over 1 hour and can be found either on the iTunes link in the tweet above, as well as this episode page on

Direct link to download:

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