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Author Topic: Alison TONIGHT on series premiere of #Roguelike on Hyper RPG @7pm PST (01/05/18)  (Read 639 times)
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« on: January 05, 2018, 10:09:22 PM »

So Alison retweeted this out earlier today:

Quote from: Hyper_RPG
Get ready to roll initiative! The series premiere of #roguelike is tonight at 7 PM PT on  w/@jurassicalien @danielleradford @ShyGuyExpress, special guest @alisonhaislip & GM @arentweclever! #DnD #Improv #Roleplay

The show appears to be an audience participation/generated role play game. This is what they have on their Facebook page:

Tonight at 7pm, is the premiere of #Roguelike our new Audience Generated Role Playing show only on Joining will be the one and only Alison Haislip! Help us build and destroy their world and vote for the champion dungeon crawler! GMed by Zac Eubank!

Now I know this is a bit last minute - I only just now heard about it an hour or so before showtime, but it looks like it MAY end up being archived on the channel's VOD on Youtube -

Not 100% sure of this, so definitely tune in if you can, and keep an eye out for the episode popping up on Youtube over the next few days (I know I will!)

That's about it! You folks enjoy! Grin
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