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Author Topic: Alison in "Pork Be Inspired - 'Night Time Grilling'" Commercial (2013)  (Read 458 times)
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« on: June 19, 2017, 12:12:54 AM »

Hey all,

So - after running across some problems with the The All-New Game Show posts, I've been kinda on a tear this weekend, flipping through some of the previous threads/posts concerning commercials/shows/broadcasts that Alison has been on, and found that several (okay, ALOT more than several) have kinda vanished from the "Internet Ether". In many of these cases it has been an issue of show archives going down, websites expiring, commercials get pulled, etc.

Well, I decided to try and salvage what I could - update/post links to existing material. Don't get me wrong - there's probably a show reel or advertisement reel someplace in the world, for most of this stuff. However, the likelihood of anybody not at a particular agency or involved in the production actually having access to a copy (i.e. us)... well, it's very unlikely.

That's why I figured I should try and go deep-data spelunking and see what we can salvage....and in that vein, here's a commercial from the "Pork Be Inspired" people, from 2013, titled "Night Time Grilling". It's not that long, but you definitely see our favorite actress make an appearance (and with red hair!)


iSpot TV (high quality) -

Youtube -
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