Alison is no longer involved with ‘Blade of Honor’

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If you backed the Kickstarter for Blade of Honor earlier this year because of my involvement, I’m sorry to announce that I will no longer be a part of it. When I was originally approached about the project, we were slated to shoot over the summer. The dates got pushed (as often happens in this industry), and when the producers came back last month with locked shoot dates in December, I already had a commitment that conflicted. Both myself and production tried to find a way to push the hours, defy the laws of physics, and just generally compromise, but there was no good way to make it work. Unfortunately this happens quite often in this business and I’m sad to say goodbye to Blade of Honor. But more importantly, I want to apologize to you if you backed this project solely because of my involvement. It still has an unreal cast and I hope you will still be happy with it.

Onwards and upwards…


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