Nominate Battleground for Streamys!

First, THANK YOU for taking the time to do this! We are all extremely proud of this show, and the fan support has only made the experience that much better.  We truly appreciate all you guys do for us.

Here’s how you can help!  Select if you want to nominate the show or a person.  Then in the fields, there will be drop-down menus with the show/actor names, Twitter handles, and nomination categories.  Select the appropriate combinations, and submit!



Vote for the categories you want to support as many times as they let you!  (Note: I know Jack DeSena, who played Cole, is missing from this, but he doesn’t have a Twitter account, SO I CAN’T NOMINATE HIM IN THE FAN CATEGORIES!  Just goes to show you…HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT!)

That’s it!  Again, THANK YOU for the support.  Let’s get Battleground the recognition it deserves!



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